Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

TheBoys he never gets tired of laughing, not even on vacation. After finishing its third season, which has been a real joy for fans, one might think that the series had taken a more than deserved break and that we would not hear from it again for a while, with the first news of the fourth season. Not only has he done the same, but he has also had time to comment or rather make fun of the most commented news regarding superheroes: the cancellation of the film batgirl by Warner.True to its philosophy of laughing at everything and everyone, The Boys has been in charge of making firewood from the fallen tree of the universe DC through their various social media accounts. Because in addition to having an account for the series, The Boys also have their own profile for Vought, the leading company of the series and which in turn parodies the large conglomerates that own the rights to superheroes, such as Disney or, in this case, Warner. Hence, from this account they have also taken the opportunity to launch a fictitious offer in clear reference to the restructuring of the company and its merger with Discovery.

On the other hand, the official account of the series has also spoken about it and has not missed the opportunity to even wink at one of its producers. We must not forget that one of those responsible for The Boys is the comedian and actor seth rodenwho coincidentally has been one of those affected by the dismantling of HBOMax. The company is withdrawing some of its content from series and movies, and one of them has been pickled in time, which stars Rogen himself. “Those miscreants also pulled all of their content from Starlight, Soldier Boy, and Seth Rogen. cancel the subscription“, reads the tweet from The Boys account, in a clear allusion to the wave of cancellations and deletions of content on HBO Max, who has also announced that it will not follow the distribution window of premiere films from Elvis. The platform knew what he was up against with his decisions, but he sure as hell wasn’t expecting jokes from other superheroes.Do you want to receive the best movie and series recommendations in your email every Friday? Sign up for our Newsletter.