Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Who was little Lucía in the well-remembered television series Los proteges has made a qualitative leap in her career with her arrival in Hollywood productions. After working alongside Pedro Almodóvar and Fernando León de Aranoa, and appearing in the series Junto ante de Cristo, Priscilla Delgado moved to Los Angeles in 2019 in search of an opportunity, which came with the new version of the classic Ellas dan el coup.In CINEMANIA We spoke with the actress of Puerto Rican origin for the premiere of A League of Their Own (premiere August 12 on Prime Video). In addition, the young woman tells us everything about her absence in the return of Los proteges, her castings for Stranger Things and West Side Story and her new projects on the platforms, including the Netflix slasher The readers’ club criminals. Did you know the original film They Give the Hit, starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis in 1992?It’s a cult movie in the US, but I hadn’t seen it because it was from the early 90s. It wasn’t even born! When I advanced in the casting I saw it and I understood why it is a classic. This new series is a totally renewed reboot, with a strong feminist, racial and sexual presence. People want to see themselves reflected.In fact, the series revolves around a strong presence of sapphic love, which has also been very present these months in the cinema and on platforms due to the controversy over the lesbian kiss in Lightyear.It’s what a little asshole. These stories must be normalized and not discarded for the simple fact of not feeling identified. The case of Lighytear may be more accentuated because it is a children’s film, but this controversy seems really silly to me. The American public takes the whole LGTBI issue very well and the stories are very well received, so I don’t think we will have any problems with A League of Their Own, although there is still a long way to go.The Latin representation and the comic relief come with the character of Esti, what was it like to get into her skin?She is a special character because she is the only one who speaks Spanish and, in addition, I worked on the scripts with my Cuban grandfather, to adapt his accent and also understand the historical context in which the series takes place. My arrival in production was a slow process, because I have been doing tests in the US since I was 12 years old. This has been an abysmal, but incredible experience.Rumors suggest that you could have appeared in Stranger Things and Spielberg’s new West Side Story.It is an immense pride that they took me into consideration. The test for Stranger Things went to Max, going all the way to the final stages of casting. They suddenly asked me for a test in person and I didn’t have time to fly from Spain to Los Angeles, that’s why I wanted to come to the US and have absolute availability. On the other hand, for West Side Story they also made me a callback, a super difficult test because the best of each house was there.This is your second job for Amazon Prime Video after Disappeared and soon you will also work with Netflix, have the platforms arrived to launch your international career?It is true that the platforms have arrived to take over from the cinemas. I don’t think I can go hand in hand with the big ones: the red one [Netflix] and the blue [Amazon Prime Video]. It is wonderful that a reason has finally arrived so that our work can be seen all over the world. Before, it only happened if you came across Oscar-nominated films by Almodóvar or Trueba. How can I not like that my work is seen all over the planet, even if I am pigeonholed as a platform girl.On the other hand, you have finished filming the Netflix movie The Criminal Readers Club, the first Spanish slasher for the platform, which promises to be a hit. How was your shooting?My character is very special and it has been a very big challenge and different from what I have done before. I think people are going to be very surprised, you don’t expect who the villain can be. My character has been a candy and I am very satisfied. Although it may have elements in common with Elite, in this one we have less sex and more high school dramas, but even so there is a lot of young talent: like María Cerezuela (Goya revelation actress 2021), who acts as the protagonist and has immeasurable talent.Recently, Los proteges also returned with a sequel series and some short stories, where the actress Maggie García replaces you. Why haven’t you appeared at this reunion?There are media that have assumed the reason for my absence. I was shooting A League of Their Own and it was impossible, although we tried until the end. In any case, I am very glad that they have not dispensed with the character of Lucia, and that this second part has been so praised by the fans. I would never deny so much love and affection for a character that has given me so much.At just 20 years old, you have been an Almodóvar girl in Julieta and have worked with Pablo Berger (Abracadabra) and Fernando León de Aranoa (Amador), who would you like to work with as a filmmaker and how do you see your career in the future?These days I was reading about Juan Antonio Bayona’s latest project, the story of the rugby team that crashed and survived in the Andes. A story of survival. I would very much like to work with Bayona on such an international project. I like to bet on Spanish talent and sweep for home. As for my career, I will continue trying in the United States, with great hope and a terrible desire to continue moving forward.Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter.