Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The musician Tommy Leedrummer for Mötley Crüe and ex-partner of actress Pamela Anderson, has starred in his latest great controversy on the Internet after posting on Instagram a photo of him in which he appeared completely naked and with his penis perfectly visible. Although the social network removed the image very quickly, tens of thousands of users were able to see it and many of them captured the image and distributed it through other networks such as Twitter.

Rosalía, lying on ice in the video clip of 'Despecha'.

Thus, to those who were scandalized by the nudity and who praised the fact, those who wanted to make jokes joined, creating hundreds of memes about Lee’s strange idea. It should be remembered that Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson starred in a home sex video recorded during their honeymoon and that was stolen from his home in 1995 and posted on the internet, becoming viral, a fact that reflects the recent series shot by Disney +, Pam & Tommy. Next we collect some of the memes and jokes that have been made on the internet as a result of the publication of the photograph.