Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Safety is very important, the more so in a vehicle, that’s why, have a full medicine cabinet and ready to use with the utensils and products that we can use in a minor or serious accident it is life insurance. It does not take up any space, if we know which one to buyso it can be saved in the trunk or under the seats without disturbing us and that small space can be of great help to us. When there is a blow that does not need medical attention, minor burns or a limb fracture, First aid is very important and decisive, so we must be well equipped.

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Having what is essential in first aid, in addition to taking up little space, will not mean a large investment of money either. For example, Amazon’s best-selling and best-rated mini kit (with 2,524 reviews!) contains a total of 200 first aid pieces with protective and sterile packaging that will last us for a long time, in fact, if we do not have to use it, the better. This kit even includes bandages of different types and a rescue mask for CPR. And, on the other hand, its size will surprise you because nor will you remember that it is under the seat when it measures less than 20 centimeters.

00 pieces contains this survival kit.

00 pieces contains this survival kit.Amazon

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Finally, if the time comes to use it and you don’t know which utensil is best for each case, It also contains an instruction manual in several languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat will explain how to proceed at all it a burn, fracture or cut. It measures only 19 centimeters and weighs 450 grams, so don’t think twice.Do you want to discover the best deals? Sign up for our Newsletter.All products and services have been chosen independently by our journalists, based on their benefits and/or discounts. Every time you decide to buy through the articles of 20deCompras, receives a commission.In 20Minutes we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may change after publication.