Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Disney had a very ambitious plan when it came to relaunching the saga of starwars after the acquisition of Lucasfilm: release a trilogy of sequels, and alternate them with spin-offs that delve into other corners of the galaxy. And well. Let’s say that the trilogy had a convulsive development (with the rise of skywalker as defining debacle) while of the spin-offs Han Solo was in charge of burying the strategy to opt for the House of the Mouse for streaming series. However, before the failure of the film by Alden Ehrenreich, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story wowed audiences, launching a darker, more warlike approach to Star Wars than we’d ever experienced. Directed by Gareth Edwards and preceded by a hellish shooting, where reshoots abounded, Rogue One introduced the heroes who obtained the plans for the Death Star and triggered the plot of A new hope. There was Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jonesand also diego moon as Cassian Andor, who was subsequently cast as the lead in a Rogue One prequel series. The resulting production, Andorcomes to Disney+ this September 21st After a notable postponement, and to go polishing the hype, the House of the Mouse has had a pioneering idea. At least, in relation to its streaming platform, and how to promote future releases. Thus, Disney is going to re-release Rogue One in select theaters to anticipate the arrival of Andor and refresh the fan memory. It will take place in IMAX theaters, expressly conditioned for a memorable image and sound show, and according to Fandango, it has not yet been clarified which theaters will host the event. At first, it is unlikely that the initiative will come out of the US, although Rogue One obtained a triumphant box office in much of the world: in fact, it is the third Star Wars film that has raised the most in the entire history of the saga without adjust inflation, lagging behind The Force Awakens Y The last Jedi.

Taika Waititi with his friend Baby Yoda

While confirming which IMAX theaters will get a rerun, Disney has released a minimalist poster for Rogue One, drawing the Death Star above the heroes who contributed to its destruction. It is known when the passes will begin: the 26 of August, almost a month before Andor premieres on Disney+. Which is great news in itself, as it’s been confirmed that reruns of Rogue One will feature an exclusive look at the series headed by Luna as the smuggler, chronicling the process that led to his joining the Rebel Alliance.

'Rogue One' revival poster

Poster for the revival of ‘Rogue One’Lucasfilm Disney has already confirmed that Andor will consist of two seasons and will narrate five years of Cassian Andor’s life, within a broad plot (described as “dickensian”) where the Mon Mothma of Genevieve O’Reillythe Luthen Rael of Stellan Skarsgårdand hopefully at some point also the android K-2SO who played Alan Tudyk for Rogue One. Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter.