Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The account of youtuber Borja Escalona, ​​with 35,000 followers, has been canceled on the YouTube platform after a video of him demanding free food at the Galician bar A Tapa do Barril went viral. Users denounced said publication, in which Escalona was seen threatening a waitress with a bill of 2,500 euros for advertising if they did not give her the empanadilla she was eating. The reason why YouTube has closed her account is due to that the youtuber breached some of the platform’s rules. There are a number of reasons an account can be terminated on YouTube, all of which are reported in the Help Center.

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It should be noted that if a channel is closed, YouTube warns that “you may not be able to use or create other channels or accounts […] nor be the owner of such channels or accounts”. Although the platform details that, when a profile is terminated, the profile owner receives an email explaining why the termination occurredin this article we are going to tell what may be the reasons why this may occur.

Shutdown for Violation of YouTube Policy

In the event that a user commits “repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service in any type of content”. Some examples of this could be posts from Videos or comments that are considered abusive, harassing, or incite hate or violence.Also, when the case is considered a ‘serious abuse’, YouTube could close the account immediately. The platform warns that this could be predatory behavior, spam, or pornography. There are also channels or accounts that are directly created with the intention of violating the platform’s policies, resorting to incitement to hatred or violence, identity theft or harassment. Another reason why they can cancel a channel, can be the copyright infringement.

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How to claim the account if you have not broken the rules?

There are situations where YouTube restricts or closes a channel for allegedly breaking its guidelines. If the user considers that this has not been the case and that it is an error, you can fill out a form and submit an appeal.YouTube advises that it is not necessary to submit more than one appeal request, as doing so increases the number of reviews and makes it more difficult to respond. They also recommend filling out the form with as much information as possible.Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest technology news in your email.