Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Miley Cyrus became one of the characters most famous in the world thanks to her leading role in the famous Disney series Hannah Montana, in which she played the eponymous character. But the actress and singer from Tennessee was about to not get the part, because the competition was tough. The casting director of the series has revealed who were the two rivals of Cyrus.Lisa London responded to a rumor spread by the tiktoker Fernanda Cort├ęs, who said that the Spanish-Mexican singer Belinda He was about to take the role from Miley Cyrus.

Montage of photos with Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish.

“I’m the original casting director for Hannah Montana, and I discovered Miley Cyrus,” London revealed in a video on TikTok. “I wanted everyone to know that Belinda, who is lovely by the way, was never in the top three for the role of Hannah.” The video showed a sheet of paper dated May 6, 2005 with the last three actresses vying for the role: Taylor Momsen, Daniella Monet and Miley Cyrus herself.London added: “These were the last three actresses out of over 1,200 girls”. Although Miley landed the role of Hannah Montana, Momsen and Monet rose to fame with their roles in Gossip Girl and Victorious, respectively.