Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The mobile is our second brain. We use it all the time: it’s an agenda, a music and video player, a photo camera, a network manager… and many other things. It is also very useful when we are traveling and need information about a destination or simply get there. That is why we have to make sure that this device has enough battery to withstand battery demand What do all these applications entail? When the mobile is new there is no problem because it resists up to two days without recharging, but if it is already a few years old, things change and we will probably have to recharge it again.

Boys and girls love to take pictures, if they have their own device, the better.

If we use the car a lot we can take the opportunity to recharge our device there, for that we only have to get a mobile charger to connect it to the cigarette lighter. But, there are many models on the market and when it comes to deciding things get complicated. That is why we cannot miss the opportunity when we findreduced to less than 14 euros, one of the most valued and sold models on Amazon. has more than 13,000 opinions and almost five stars and the e-commerce considers it one of the best choices. The reason is that it has two USB 3.0 charging ports lightning fast Y a very compact size that does not protrude and that allows us to drive without disturbing. But not only this, it has many other virtues that we are going to explain to you.

This charger has almost five stars on Amazon and almost 14,000 reviews.

This charger has almost five stars on Amazon and almost 14,000 reviews.Amazon

Why do we like it so much

The two USB QC 3.0 outputs on this device pump 36 watts of total power to simultaneously charge two devices 0 to 55% in just over 30 minutes which means a loading speed four times faster than other devices. However, despite its powerIt has a very compact size. no bigger than a thumb so it doesn’t bother you when driving and you can take it everywhere. Another reason why Amazon users bet on this gadget is that it is made with a metal body with a zinc alloy, and not plastic, so it is more heat-resistant. It has over current protection and overload and is compatible with countless devices from Android or iOS mobiles to tablets, wireless helmets or smart watches. Do you want to discover the best deals? Sign up for our Newsletter.All products and services have been chosen independently by our journalists, based on their benefits and/or discounts. Every time you decide to buy through the articles of 20deCompras, receives a commission.In 20Minutes we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may change after publication.