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[ESTE ARTÍCULO CONTIENE SPOILERS DE SOLO ASESINATOS EN EL EDIFICIO 2T]We will not tire of repeating that Only murders in the building is one of the most original, suggestive and enjoyable television bets on the small screen right now. This intergenerational cluedo located in a luxurious building on New York’s Upper West Side has raised all its virtues in its second season: a highly tuned neighborhood cast led by Steve Martin (also co-creator), Martin Short Y Selena Gomez; the podcast as the ideal medium for a live true crime; adorably goofy and giddy humor; and script twists to the test of the most suspicious seriéfilo. In these episodes, we have returned to an Arconia overwhelmed by another death: that of the president of the neighborhood council, Bunny Folger (Jayne Houdyshell). Charles (Martin), Oliver (Short) and Mabel (Gomez), suspected of this homicide, have turned to each other to find the real culprit and clear his name using his podcast once again. 10 chapters later, we finally know who killed Bunny. Yesterday the last episode of the second installment arrived on Disney +, a theatrical delight with several script twists and a final surprise that connects with the future season 3. We analyzed everything that the ending gave of itself. -SPOILERS AHEAD-

‘All Is Not OK in Oklahoma’

'Only murders in the building'

‘Only murders in the building’Cinemania At the end of the ninth episode, we found out that Poppy White (AdinaVerson) the podcaster star’s assistant Cinda CanningTina Fey It was actually Becky Butler, the missing woman in Oklahoma who gave Canning his first hit show. Chapter 10 starts with Butler telling us about her mundane and long-suffering life in Oklahoma. A faithful listener of Canning’s show, Becky decided to change her identity and help Cinda solve the mystery of her own disappearance by becoming Cinda’s assistant. she. Although both managed to ‘solve’ the crime and Cinda achieved the recognition she was looking for, Becky was forced to settle once again for a life of the most gray, in the shadow of her teacher. In the first minutes of the episode, everything seems to indicate that Fey’s incisive investigator, eager to repeat another radio hit, kills Bunny and tries to frame her competition. However, in Only Murders in the Building nothing is what it seems until the curtain falls.

what a theater

'Only murders in the building'

‘Only murders in the building’Cinemanía Mabel, accompanied by Poppy/Becky, reveals her findings to Charles and Oliver in the coffee shop where Bunny used to go. There, after the revelation of what happened in Oklahoma, the young woman receives a call. “I know what ’14 is, Savage,” she asserts as she returns to the table, referring to the last words she said to Bunny. Immediately afterwards, the leading trio gathers their trusted neighbors for a meeting broadcast live in which the identity of the murderer will be clarified. And the show begins! Cinda and Poppy soon arrive on the scene. Alice (Cara Delevingne) is also present. Charles, Oliver and Mabel, with the complicity of their neighbors, appear to pressure the presenter to admit her involvement in the crime (her persuasive techniques go from slow-motion to the destruction of tomatoes, Canning’s worst nightmares), but just then Mabel accuses Alice of having orchestrated everything to fuel her art. The Englishwoman tries to stab her ex when Charles gets in her way and ends up bleeding to death on the floor. Those present pin Alice down on a nearby couch to wait for the police to arrive while Mabel and Oliver mourn the death of her partner in the investigation.

all for a sandwich

'Only murders in the building'

‘Only murders in the building’Cinemania However, the creators of the series have an ace up their sleeves. With Charles’s body still fresh and Alice tied up, Cinda praises Mabel’s good investigative work and asks her to help her, something that drives Poppy crazy. Between manipulations, references to Rose Cooper’s painting, allergy sneezes and absent-mindedness (no one had mentioned the girl in the passageways), Canning’s assistant reveals herself as the real Bunny killer. Charles “revives” just in time for us to understand how Mabel had found out that it was Poppy: in the restaurant, he received the call from the detective Williams (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) assuring that the saliva found in the murder weapon was from a missing woman. Minutes before, Poppy had ordered sandwich number 14 in Bunny’s trusted cafeteria, that “14, Savage” stammered by the victim when trying to unmask her. It was Poppy who, with the help of her lover, the detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport) He ended the life of the old woman trying to transform her monotonous life, but everything fell apart when Mabel found a bloodied Bunny on her floor.

Stellar victim for the third season

'Only murders in the building'

‘Only murders in the building’Cinemanía After the arrest of Becky/Poppy and Kreps, the Arconia returns to normal: Charles returns to work and begins a relationship with his makeup artist, Mabel covers up his neighborhood painting with the help of Alice and Oliver returns to Broadway with a new play. In the last minutes of the episode, we meet them again a year later during the premiere of Oliver’s performance. We see the character behind the scenes, reassuring his leading actor, Ben Glenroy, interpreted by Paul Rudd. We soon discover that he doesn’t get along very well with his partner in the play, Charles. Before starting the function, Charles threatens Ben saying: “Take two fingers in front. Don’t go near her.” When he asks him what he is going to do if not, Charles walks away stating: “Ben, I know what you’ve done.” Seconds later, in the middle of Rudd’s character’s monologue, he falls to the ground and dies. What happened? The event inevitably connects with the new mystery that the leading trio will have to solve in the third season of the series, with possible flashbacks that put in context and reveal what we have missed in the lives of the characters. for now, Variety has confirmed that Rudd has signed for the third season, although it is unknown how much of his character we will see in the plot. “Paul Rudd, after making a promising entry into the world of our series at the end of the second season, is someone we want to know more about and continue to see in installment 3″, the co-creator has stated John Hoffmann to publication. What made Ben and Charles at odds? What did the first one that could have cost him his life? Who is she”? We will have to wait for the third season to answer all these questions in our criminal podcast of reference. In the meantime, we can entertain ourselves with this gallery of behind-the-scenes photos that Selena Gomez has shared on Instagram to celebrate the end of the second installment. Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter.