Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The new season of The Compass, the veteran Onda Cero program that will celebrate its 30th anniversary in a few weeks, brings an important novelty. journalist and columnist Rafa Latorre (Pontevedra, 1981), up to now an outstanding collaborator of Carlos Alsina in the morning show Más de uno, takes the lead after the stage of Juan Ramón Lucas. With 20 years of experience, he is very clear about what he wants for this Onda Cero news program. advance its start to 7:00 p.m.. “Sociologically, Spain has changed a lot and the radio may not have responded quickly enough to this evolution. People no longer leave work so late, the schedules have been brought forward and another type of grill is being demanded. It is a matter of habits in Spanish society to those who the radio has to adapt again“, explains Latorre. Regarding the contents, the commitment to the economy will be strengthened. “With autumn upon us, the listener will be looking for answers to what is happening, and above all a context,” says Latorre. The new director of La Brújula also wants to take advantage of his station’s resources: “local and regional informationat a time when the media tend to centralize it, is one of the great assets of Onda Cerowhich has a large local and regional footprint.” All this information will be commented on by collaborators and professionals such as Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Ignacio Varela, Emilia Landaluce, Juanjo de la Iglesia or Joaquín Manso, and by other profiles that remain, such as Chapu Apaolaza or Jose Miguel Azpiroz.

Pablo Motos, in 'El hormiguero'.

the chatterboxes are chosen for various reasons. In economics, for example, and in similar subjects, a high degree of specialization is required. But I mostly like the who are journaliststhose who continue to practice and cover events; they have a particular and original vision of the present and they know the news not because they read it in the press, but because they are in contact with events”, explains Latorre. And, in his opinion, “the formula for doing radio is so simple that it is also extremely complicated: saying things interesting”. Latorre has learned from teachers like Carlos Alsina or Luis del Olmoof which “their talent” stands out, but also “the sacrifices they make for the radio”.In La Brújula, opinion is another of the legs that differentiate it of other offers, without this causing Latorre to take off his feet from the ground. “We cannot believe that we are going to save the world with our opinions, because that is a harmful vanity. Our job is to make people understand what is happening and that can be achieved from information and from opinion,” he postulates. the competition, it is clear: “Neither my competitors have a malevolent intention nor I have a fantastic onemost of us want peace, stability and prosperity, what happens is that we believe in getting there by different paths”. Although you don’t compete alone against other radio programs“otherwise against Netflix, HBO, video games… an unlimited leisure offer”, that will not lose the spirit of the program to look for other fishing grounds. “We cannot distort our product to attract an audience and then lose and defraud the one who is already with us”. This Thursday 1 September, he will address that audience on his first evening in front of La Brújula with a interview with the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.