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Juliette Binoche meets Carrère

On a dock in Normandy, in Movistar Plus +

On a dock in Normandy

On a dock in NormandyMovistar Plus + “These jobs are the future”, says the person in charge of the employment agency to the character she plays Juliette Binoche. Scrubbing toilets now has a handful of euphemisms that start with the words “technician of” and end with the modest figure of 7.96 euros per hour. At the agency, the actress from an inner sun she justifies the 20-year gap in her resume by saying that her husband has just left her, but all she needs to do is read the synopsis of On a dock in Normandy to know that she is a writer documenting herself gonzo-style about the crisis, job insecurity and unemployment. Just in case, career He introduces his notes in the form of a voiceover, a device that helps him solve the most documentary part of the film. Marianne (Binight) she is tired of hearing about poverty in the abstract and thinks that the only way to explain precariousness is to live it. She leaves her life in Paris, she settles in Normandy and signs up for any cleaning job no matter how hellish it is. The worst, that of the Ouistreham ferry that connects France and England and where 230 beds are cleaned at an average of a minute and a half per bed.On a dock in Normandy It is based on the novel by Florence Aubenas although it could perfectly well have been written by Carrère. He has the journalistic pulse of some of his reports or books like Limonov either The adversary. But in fiction, the story of friendship and intimacy that arises between Marianne and the cleaners she works with, we also find the author’s stamp. In fact, it is easy to sense in the character of the writer Carrère’s pride in a profession capable of exposing what nobody wants to see. And also, the guilt of those who know that he has used the lives of others as literary material. If Carrère’s third film as director speaks of something, he entered the project at the suggestion of Aubenas and at the insistence of Binight to adapt it to the cinema, is about the differences of social class. In a world that is increasingly fragmented by identity, it is surprising to see a film that focuses on dealing with this issue. In this sense, Carrère’s subtlety in leaving the shitty and vomited toilets out of the shot and focusing on the networks of camaraderie between the cleaners is appreciated. That’s why Marianne’s betrayal works so well dramatically. As her best friend tells her when she discovers the cake that she has been writing a book about them: “Each one in her place”. It’s a tough ending, but so is cleaning public toilets for a living.

The best series of this dimension

Rick and Morty Season Six on HBO Max

rick and morty

Rick and MortyCinemania The universe is a crazy and chaotic place. And that is terrible, no doubt, except for one reason. If it wasn’t, would there be Rick and Morty? Since 2013, the science fiction series created by Dan Harmon Y justin royland about mad scientist grandpa Rick Sanchez and his jaded grandson Morty has been giving us joy in the form of intergalactic talent shows, snakes with ties and pizzas ordered by humans at home. The trailer for this sixth season promises to the rhythm of Paranoid, by Black Sabbath, new interdimensional madness and very meta jokes at the expense of Jungle Glass. What more could you want?

Herzog does say goodbye to Gorbachev

Meeting Gorbachev, in Filmin

Meeting Gorbachev

Getting to know GorbachovFilmin “I love him”, he tells him Werner Herzog a Mikhail Gorbachev sitting across from each other in the latter’s office. The admiration of the German filmmaker, director of some of the masterpieces in the history of documentaries, was latent in the film in several creative ways – the sugar-free chocolates he gives to the politician, suffering from diabetes; that hagiographic tone of the film…–, but Herzog is Herzog.His documentary on the former head of state of the Soviet Union, Knowing Gorbachev, it’s a love letter. A love letter recited in his own voiceover and beautifully illustrated with archival footage.Herzog recounts the origins of Gorbachev from the time he was a humble peasant to his rapid ascent in the Communist Party sprinkled with aerial shots of his town and his family home, highlighting some forceful episodes of his life. For example, when his father, who had been left for dead in the war, came back and told his son: “We fought until we had nothing left to fight. That’s how you have to live.” The highlights of Meeting Gorbachev They come later, just before the politician is elected Secretary General of the Communist Party, when Herzog mounts one after another the archive images of the funerals of the party leaders that are falling like flies in a perfect metaphor of the decline of the USSR.

Gepetto is Tom Hanks and Jiminy Cricket is Gordon-Levitt

Pinocchio, on Disney +


‘Pinocchio’Cinemanía Niña Disney up to the eyebrows, however I was never a fan of Pinocchio. That wooden doll subjected to so much adversity made me cringe and a little grim. Too many hardships. Today I observe with perplexity how the adaptations of the story of Collodi they continue to be released wildly. Having said that, if I have to see a new version of Gepetto’s story, I will definitely go with the one that is being released these days in Disney+. With all due respect to William delToro, I prefer the live-action Pinocchio imagined by the director of Return to the future, with Tom Hanks in Geppetto’s skin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt lending his voice to Jiminy Cricket and a beautiful puppet design reminiscent of the 1940 animated film. Oh, watch out for the cuckoo clock, a tribute to Snow White.Do you want to receive the best movie and series recommendations every Friday in your email? Sign up for our Newsletter.