Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Y the house of the dragon They are right now disputing one of the great battles on television, but there is a world far beyond them. To do this, this week we offer you a series of news loaded with boxing, animation and even mafia with the premiere of narcosantos.

Mike – Disney+

Trevante Rhodes (moonlit) is in charge of giving life to the famous boxer Mike Tyson in this biopic about the controversial figure of the athlete. So much so that whatever happens to her has already gone down in history as his biography not authorized by himself. Tyson. Available on Disney+ from September 8th.

Narcosantos – Netflix

Of Korea a South America. No, the new series of Netflix it has nothing to do with that one Pablo Escobar, but with another true story. Specifically, that of a businessman between a rock and a hard place who has to collaborate with the government and travel to Surinam to infiltrate the clan of a powerful South Korean mafia kingpin.

Birdgirl – HBO Max

adult swimthe studio behind animation creations as adult and original as rick and morty either Primal, brought the year its own production of superheroes. Actually it is not the first, but it is a spin-off of the Harvey Birdman series, that winged lawyer based in turn on the Hanna-Barbera character. But in Birdgirl who we are introduced to is Judy Ken Sebbenthe newly appointed executive director of the prestigious multinational Sebben & Sebben and who maintains the secret identity of the superhero Birdgirl, although it is not entirely easy for her to lead this double life now that she has been promoted.

Cobra Kai (Season 5) – Netflix

The return of Terry Silver (the antagonist of Karate Kid III) in the fourth season it was a surprise for fans of the series, but in this new installment two other old acquaintances of the saga join: Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), the boy from Okinawa that Daniel-san was up against in part two, and Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), the bully in part three who became his worst nightmare. Along the way, it will be necessary to discover if finally Miguel (Xolo MaridueƱa) knows his biological father, what about John Kreese (Martin Kove) in jail or if Daniel and Johnny manage to stop Silver’s expansion plans to take Cobra Kai beyond the Valley.

Rick and Morty (Season 6) – HBO Max

Many questions, few answers but extreme emotion. This is how the new season of Rick and Morty is presented, perhaps the most popular current animated series and also the one that has given us the most headaches in recent years. In this we will also have to face a harsh reality, that of accepting that our Rick may not really be the smartest in the universe. In addition, we still do not know what is happening in the Citadel of the Ricks with the evil Morty (yes, the one with the patch) and if our dear friends will cross paths with that reality at some point or continue to party like in the past season.Do you want to receive the best movie and series recommendations in your email every Friday? Sign up for our Newsletter.