Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Xiaomi TV F2 It is a Smart TV from the Asian brand that has a large number of applications available at a fairly affordable price. This new model is the company’s first to integrate Amazon’s Fire TV operating system and also has a MediaTek MT9020 processor, with four ARM Cortex-A55 cores and Mali G52 MP2 graphics logic with 2 GB of main memory.

Sizes, material, design and prices

The Asian brand has three different sizes of its new generation of televisions: These devices, regardless of their size, have almost the same specs. However, it should be noted that at 20BITS we have tested the 43-inch option.

The Edifier S350DB have an elegant and classic design and are not excessively large

The new family of Xiaomi televisions are characterized by having frames in top and sides just 7mm, taking advantage of most of the screen. The stability of the F2 is given by two small legs that are fixed to the base of the device and are only held by two polycarbonate (thermoplastic) screws.

The television housing is made of polycarbonate.

The housing of the television is made of polycarbonate. Xiaomi The back of the F2 is also made of polycarbonate, so we could say that the reason the product is so cheap is the material. However, it does not have to be a disadvantage, since televisions are usually fixed in one place.

Picture quality

F2 LED screens have a 4K UHD resolution and cover 90% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, that is, the same amount as Xiaomi televisions with QLED technology. In addition, the image of these televisions has the HDR10 + high dynamic range certification. This means that it uses dynamic metadata to analyze the format and content of the video and deliver the right brightness, color and contrast. They also feature Dolby Vision technology which is an HDR format that adjusts images frame by frame to see more detail with greater color accuracy. However, the 43” model only has HDR10 and HLG certificates. This technology also helps to improve the quality of the image, adding more light and color, with intermediate tones so that the light changes progressively. The developers of F2 have incorporated the image technology Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC). In this case, it makes the images appear more fluid by creating intermediate frames in the contents in which the original source is between 24 and 30 frames per second.

It is also waterproof.

audio quality

For its part, the sound of TV F2 has improved when compared to other generations of Xiaomi televisions. In the new brand products, they have installed 2 speakers of 12 W each that give a more immersive experience and that has Dolby Audio and DTS HD certification.

Other features

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, the F2 is the first generation of Xiaomi televisions that uses Amazon’s operating system, FireOS. Previous models used Android TV. In fact, the F in its name is due to this novelty of the device. Specifically, the TV is compatible with FireOS 7 that offers a great performance when moving around the platform.

Smart TV has a wide variety of streaming platforms available.

The Smart TV has a wide variety of streaming platforms available. Xiaomi In addition to viewing the linear programming of television channels, Smart TV allows access to streaming platformsboth free and paid. Among the most prominent are Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Pluto TV and even a browser. Regarding other data of interest, it should be noted that it has 15 gigabytes of storage and 2 GB of RAM. Likewise, its processor has 8 cores and allows the connectivity of 4 HDMI 2.0 ports (one of them ARC) and 2 USB ports.A curious detail is that the control is equipped with a microphone and the Smart TV can be used with the Alexa voice assistant.


THE BEST: good sound and video for a fairly affordable price
THE WORST: The 43″ model has less image quality and the polycarbonate material