Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The smartphone has become an essential gadget in our lives and the most used, so much so that it has displaced others that we used to use to make our lives easier. A clear example of this is seen in the car, now we use the maps application or the mobile GPS to travel and fewer and fewer people have a navigation device, but, The truth is that buying a GPS has many advantages and is better than using a smartphone.

Don't mess around with the car's navigator.

The first reason is that a GPS in the car does not consume mobile dataso it will not depend on your mobile rate or coverage (or the battery of the smartphone), so it will be a safe bet. In addition, these devices show you the best routes to drive and you will be able to configure alerts for the maintenance of your car and even for some speed cameras. If you want a sure hit, from 20deShopping we recommend the brand tom tomone of the most recognized of navigation systems that has become the main manufacturer in Europe of GPS systems. But, if you are worried about its price, thanks to amazon you’re in luck now. And it is that, the ecommerce has lowered more than 57 euros (35%!) the six-inch TomTom Go Basicwith traffic and speed camera test thanks to an application, as well as the map network of the European Union updated (and with the possibility of being updated!).

Save time and avoid traffic congestion.

Save time and avoid traffic congestion.Amazon The best thing about this model is that you have all map updates for free, without paying an extra euro and whenever you need them. This ensures that you always arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time and without road problems. On the other hand, it is very easy to connect, it is very intuitive and it even has speed camera warnings. Do you want to discover the best offers? Sign up for our Newsletter.All products and services have been chosen independently by our journalists, based on their benefits and/or discounts. Every time you decide to buy through the articles of 20deCompras, receives a commission.In 20Minutes we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may change after publication.