Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

To tell the story of simonefirst we have to talk about nadia. The 70s, the world in two halves. Geopolitics, diplomacy, cold war. Adult games. The Olympic flame arrives in Montreal. A girl with white magnesium hands flies between the uneven bars. They say that the pavilion fell silent with the acrobatics of the graceful Romanian. Silence always presides over the sublime, also in gymnastics, which is another form of art. Comaneci signs his masterpiece with an impeccable landing. Jubilation in the stands, madness on a planet already seen on television. The technician who handles the electronic scoreboard verifies terrified that his brand new “Swiss Timer” does not have enough digits to indicate the 10 of the judges. “Let’s see how we get out of this…” Perfection was not foreseen.”Since I was a child I flipped through gymnastics magazines and I imagined myself being as good as those girls I saw jumping”, comments the brilliant Simone Biles in an interview with a Colombian newspaper. The American dream at 142 centimeters tall. From a lost gym in Texas, among tapestries, bars and magazines, little Biles undertook her conquest of the world, following the route of the brave women who preceded her: the spectacular Korbut, the mythical Latynina or the extremely elegant Khorkhina. And, of course, the revolutionary Comaneci. Pages of an exciting book that includes dark passages and brilliant episodes, sacrifice, frustration, effort and glory. According to Forbes, Simone Biles had an income of 10.1 million dollars in 2021. A brand, hers, already associated with VISA, United Airlines, Uber Eats or Nabisco. Co-narrators of a fast-paced story that is still being followed counting.The tennis It has also produced memorable feats. Melbourne, 2017. Australian Open Final. One afternoon in January. Venus and Serena jump onto the pitch at Rod Laver Arena. The youngest of the Williams looks out to infinity like Alice in front of the mirror. And a reflection in the window: that of Althea Gibson, the first African American to conquer Roland Garros in 1956. What a way to break down the doors of all the castles! Talent does not repair barriers. Serena Williams imposes on her sister, her Venus, that January afternoon in Australia. Another shiny page, more gold lettering. 23 Grand Slam titles, a record for the Open era. And her name along with Althea’s, honoring her memory and the struggle of countless women against windmills and exile from oblivion. Nobody wrote a Quixote for them. Serena’s merit is also measured in millions of dollars: 45.9 in 2021 alone, according to Forbes. Nike, Gatorade, Gucci or Wilson accompany her on her trip. We finally open the football book. The new F-League, thanks to an agreement with LaLiga, foresees a minimum commercial income of 42 million euros for the next five years. DAZN and Mediapro will pay 36 million for broadcasting rights in the same period of time. Among the most famous athletes on the planet – and better paid – soccer players like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have already slipped in. A few days ago, UEFA recognized Alexia Putellas as the best player in the continent for the second consecutive year. Amazon Prime just released the documentary. An injury prevented her from playing in the last European Championship, an appointment to which she did attend – and she dazzled – the exquisite Aitana Bonmati. Megan, Alex, Alexia and Aitana. The girls of today, the shining stars of tomorrow, already have something to look at. We know half of them very well. The one from Brazil in 1970 and the one from Argentina with Maradona. Pelé and the hand of God, the Hungary of Puskas against Germany. What an ending of ’54! What little football in Italy 90. Joys and disappointments. Who deserves the ballon d’or, Messi or CR7? A pity that they didn’t give it to Xavi or Iniesta that time. Passionate passages that only show one part, theirs, as if the other did not exist. That really is a pity. The story that now plays in football is the other half of the story. The one that has already been told in artistic gymnastics and tennis, and is just beginning to be narrated in the most followed sport in the world. The dark side of the moon will soon be revealed. According to FIFA, more of billion people They looked at the last women’s soccer world cup, in 2019, through different platforms. A recent UEFA report indicates that the fan base will double in the next 10 years. In the new era of storytelling, we have protagonists, we have brands and clubs, writers and storytellers, and an exciting story yet to be told. The king sport will also be the queen sport in this century. Welcome, fans from all over the world, to their football.