Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

A good rest is essential to be able to keep up with the daily rhythm and to avoid back and neck problems, especially now that we have returned to work from the holidays and the stress has returned. Not only should we pay attention to the hours of sleep and the quality of the mattress, but also to the pillow, since it is in charge of protecting one of the most delicate areas of our bodies: the nape and neck, those responsible for accumulating most of the tension during the day.

Innovation in the traditional.

But choosing a pillow that fits our neck and thus avoiding problems is not an easy task due to the amount of different models that exist: those with feathers, fibers, gel, thick, fine… That’s why, from 20deShopping We advise you that if you want to be sure of the choice, go for the gel ones, that is, viscoelastic ones, which adapt perfectly to the shape and weight of the head and neck and are more breathable. But, if you don’t know which one to choose or what price is recommended, amazon wants to help you, since today it has reduced one of its best viscoelastic and ergonomic aloe vera pillows by 30%. For less than 30 euros you can have the Umi brand, which adapts to any of your sleeping positions. The best thing is that more than 2,380 opinions support it.

The best pillow to relieve neck and nape pressure!

The best neck and nape pressure relief pillow! Amazon

Drives away heat and humidity

The cover of this pillow is made of breathable aloe vera, which absorbs moisture and offers extremely soft comfort. (which also translates into moving heat and moisture away from the surface). As for its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic design, it helps protect it from allergens and Having a removable cover makes cleaning this model much easier. Do you want to discover the best offers? Sign up for our Newsletter.All products and services have been chosen independently by our journalists, based on their benefits and/or discounts. Every time you decide to buy through the articles of 20deCompras, receives a commission.In 20Minutes we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may change after publication.