Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Today it is possible to find people who collect all kinds of objects no matter how rare and strange it may seem. Rebecca Day, a 32-year-old woman, has obsession with the characters and the world of Disney and has transformed it into a large collection of everything that has to do with it. His collection of objects began in 2018 when he traveled to Disneyland Paris and swept away everything possible. From there she took toys, decorations and clothes, of which socks stand out as star accessories. Rebecca, who has three children, cannot decide which new pair of socks to buy each time she goes. “Every time she walked into Primark I have to buy a pair of socks“, confesses the protagonist. In fact, she has around 260 pairs.

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This passion is not only hers. “My kids love Disney too”, has said. In addition, he also admits that her eight-year-old daughter steals his socks. Mind you, she wears “her socks all the time”. Her home is set in it. “Little by little I am decorating the house with Disney details, like cushions and mugs. My bedroom is like this from head to toe with a mickey quilt and toys everywhere“, he admitted.

Real image made by photographer Fabian Stelzer and image generated by DALL-E.

Day came to have “a Disney Christmas tree” and da feels lucky because her house “is big enough” for all her things. In total, the woman has spent more than 4,500 euros on all the products in her collection.