Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

[ESTE ARTÍCULO CONTIENE SPOILERS DE LA CASA DEL DRAGÓN]Game of Thrones It revolutionized the small screen thanks to its ambition, its ability to create other worlds, its explicit violence and also its risqué scenes. In Westeros, sex has as much presence as any dynastic war for the Iron Throne and dragon house, prequel focused on the Targaryens, has also inherited this aspect of its predecessor. In an interview for deadline, Miriam Lucia, intimacy coordinator of fantastic fiction, has referred to her sex scenes. As Lucia has told, before the shooting started she was already present in the discussions and the script readings so that the actors knew what was expected of them in the intimate sequences. After the controversy that arose around this type of scene in Game of Thrones, with Emilia Clarke and other protagonists denouncing how difficult and gratuitous it could be to shoot them, the coordinator wanted to turn the set of The House of the Dragon into a safe work space. Therefore, she collaborated closely with Emily Carey (Alicent Hightower), 18, and her on-screen husband, Paddy Considine (Viserys Targaryen), 49. “Emily was only 18 years old when she shot that scene [en la que Alicent se acuesta con su marido]”, Lucia has counted: “We also talked about it with Paddy and we made sure that he was fine. He has a son Emily’s age after all.” As Lucia recounted: “Emily told me that she was scared before the scene and that without an intimacy coordinator she wouldn’t have known how to deal with it. It was good to hear it after the statements of Sean Bean about intimacy coordinators ruining spontaneity. But I understand why he said that, because he hasn’t experienced it the same way and because this is a new role on the set.” The coordinator, who recognizes that after the MeToo movement her work has gained importance in the industry, also collaborated closely with Milly Alcock, the young Rhaenyra Targaryen, who shares intimate scenes with matt smith (Daemon Targaryens) 17 years older than her. “We talked a lot with director Clare Kilner about the episode of House of the Dragon that made Emily nervous”, she has stated about the approach to this type of sequences in House of the Dragon: “There was a lot of preparation before the day of shooting. A few years ago, a director would have said at the time, ‘I think it’s better if he takes his shirt off now’ or ‘Go for it guys, let’s see what happens’. You can’t do that anymore.”

The hardest sex scenes to shoot

When asked about the most complicated intimacy sequence that she has had to prepare for the HBO Max series, the coordinator has assured that, leaving aside what is to come, one of the most difficult was the sex scene between Emily and Paddy “because of her age and what that entailed, and maybe what she would look like and if he had worked her hard enough.” “But also with Milly in the same episode,” she added: “When we shot her intimate scene with Daemon, Matt Smith was almost 40 years old and she was only 20-21. It’s not minor, but a lot of these young actresses haven’t done scenes like this before.” As we said, both Game of Thrones and its prequel are two bets known for their high sexual content, in addition to their violence and twisted plots. Without a doubt, having a coordinator for intimate scenes is essential in a fiction in which sex is and will continue to be so important. Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up for our newsletter.