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Bitcodes Review: Should You Trust It With Your Hard Earned Money?  


Making money online by trading bitcoin is simple using Bitcodes and other auto-trading programmes. These algorithms automatically make bets on changes in the price of bitcoin and have incredibly high success rates. A solid auto-trading system ought to be risk-free, user-friendly, and successful in the past.


One of the most profitable BTC auto-trading services is reportedly Bitcodes. Most people assert that they can invest just $250 and earn up to $950 each day. After compounding the daily returns for a few months, some people have reportedly profited up to $1 million.


We’ve had a lot of requests from readers all across the world to review Bitcodes. This evaluation reveals secret information about this trading system and provides advice on how to increase the robot’s profitability potential.

What is Bitcodes?

Bitcodes is a well-known and well-received bitcoin robot in the cryptocurrency business. Thousands of users, including both novice investors and professionals, are said to have found bitcoin trading to be free and convenient. The bot is equipped with a revolutionary algorithm that is based on tried and true economic concepts and is capable of determining the best moments to sell and buy bitcoins.

How does Bitcodes work?

The Bitcodes App uses a sophisticated algorithm to scan the market and find the most profitable deals for you. The algorithm is both efficient and simple to use. It can adapt to market swings and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in getting the highest return on your investment. The good news is that the Bitcodes App is completely automatic and does not require any manual intervention. All you have to do now is work with your broker to adjust your account settings. Everything else is taken care of by the trading system. Your Bitcodes App account is accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer.

How to get started with Bitcodes? 

Now that we’ve shown that the Bitcodes App isn’t a sca.m, it’s time to get you ready for live trading. We’ll take you through each step one by one, beginning with:

To begin, you must first create an account. To start trading on Bitcodes App, you must first create a free account via the exchange’s user registration form. Signing up was simple, and the greatest part is that it’s absolutely free. Fill out the form below and a consultant will call you as soon as possible.

To get started with Bitcodes App, you must make a minimum payment of 250 EUR. Deposits can be made with a debit or credit card, a wire transfer, or a MasterCard. Once you’ve paid the deposit, you’ll have access to all of the other features.

You can get right into live trading if you’re feeling secure. All you have to do now is talk to your account manager about setting up your account settings. For example, a stop-loss order defines how much money you’re willing to lose if your trades go bad. By using the appropriate settings, you can drastically reduce your losses.

Why Choose This Bitcoin Robot? Bitcodes Features

Appropriate for Novices

It makes no difference if you are new with cryptocurrencies; according to reviews from its customers, you may utilize Bitcodes to make lucrative trades with the least amount of work and financial commitment.

Simple and Quick to Register

You won’t have to go through the time-consuming registration and verification procedures that other services need on the Bitcodes website. Less than 20 minutes should be needed to open an account and begin trading.

Free-of-Charge Software

Bitcodes is absolutely free to use, in contrast to other cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Additionally, there are no hidden commissions, fees, or costs incurred.


Discreet Platform

Bitcodes uses cutting-edge SSL encryption along with a number of other cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your personal information and the money in your account from any sort of data intrusion.

Exchange different cryptocurrencies.

Apart from Bitcoin, Bitcodes now offers the possibility to trade a variety of well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others.

Worthwhile Advice for Novices Using Bitcoin Robots to Earn Positive Returns

just make a little deposit

Everything can happen in the very erratic bitcoin market. As it is with any other trading instrument, it’s difficult to be entirely accurate with cryptocurrencies. Keep your investments to a minimum because they occasionally may turn out to be inaccurately projected. It will help you cut down on your losses. Always take your time and verify the correctness of your transactions.

Consider profitable trading opportunities

Today, there are several websites that discuss automatic trading options online. Professional traders promote their strategies on YouTube, and their successful methods have been illustrated using various trading instruments. 

Avoid rushing things

Major triumphs will likely take some time. When creating objectives, trading strategies, and plans, take your time and think about the hazards. You should avoid making rash financial judgments since patience is just as crucial as hard labor. Once you’ve achieved your minor goals, you should unwind till the following day. You can lessen the likelihood that you will suffer a big financial loss while you are still learning.

study current market trends.

Investors may do thorough research using the demo trading account feature before purchasing or selling a cryptocurrency. Investors may choose to invest more wisely if they understand the market’s reversal or continuation tendencies. Demo accounts enable you to learn and practise new skills and  improve on old ones. You’ll be better at spotting trends if you better understand trending assets.

There is always more to learn about trading.

You may get in touch with the bitcoin robot customer support with any inquiries or grievances. Participating in online courses or taking lessons from more experienced traders are other ways you may increase your expertise. There is a plethora of knowledge on the internet. It is up to you to locate it and get knowledgeable about bitcoin trading.

Is Bitcodes legit?

Bitcodes appears to be a legitimate platform, with external documents implying that traders who have used it have benefited from the firm’s services.


Even if Bitcodes does allow for automated bitcoin trading, some of the claims made on its website are simply too good to be true and should be treated with care. A trading bot is a useful tool in cryptocurrency trading, but its official website claims that it has a 99.4% success rate, which is practically difficult to achieve, and the platform gives no extra information to back up this claim. When dealing with cryptocurrencies on the internet, an investor should exercise utmost caution. It is not easy to get started with bitcoin trading in any capacity.Fo that it is necessary to first master the fundamentals of both the trading and cryptocurrency worlds.

Important Features of Bitcodes 

From trading research to order execution, Bitcodes automates the whole BTC trading process. As a result, it’s great for anyone looking to generate money online. Bitcodes does not require any prior trading experience.

The majority of Bitcodes reviews indicate that it is quite profitable. According to reports, the bulk of users earn at least $500 every day. If you are patient enough to reinvest gains, you could make a fortune.

We put the robot through its paces on the Bitcodes demo account and found it to be quite user-friendly. The demo account is a perfect replica of the real-money account. It uses past data to back-test the approach and uses the same strategy as the live account. This implies that the end result is not far off from what you get in live trading.

Given its investment in superior encryption methods, Bitcodes appears to be safe. To close loopholes, the robot has a cyber incident response team on standby. Bitcodes is one of the few auto-trading platforms that complies entirely with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bitcodes has forged alliances with some of the industry’s most reputable brokers. At least five jurisdictions regulate these brokers. Broker regulation ensures that your funds are safe even if the broker goes bankrupt.

Why Choose Bitcodes?

When looking for an appropriate trading tool, you have a plethora of possibilities available to you thanks to technology. The sheer number of trading systems available may be intimidating, and choosing which one to trust to trade for you can be much more difficult. We can vouch for the legitimacy and safety of the trading platform Bitcodes.


We recognise that it might be difficult to distinguish between scammers and legal offers because there are so many of them out there. You can be sure you are in capable hands when it comes to Bitcodes. To assist you manage your account and find your way around trading in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market, Bitcodes has teamed up with CySEC-licensed brokers. Your personal information is secured with an SSL certificate because Bitcodes places a high focus on your security.


Even when trading is being done on your behalf, it may be extremely scary for a newbie. It’s only normal for you to have several questions or concerns, which is why Bitcodes has a customer service centre open around-the-clock to make sure your requirements are met at all times and you are never left in the dark. Additionally, there are several online testimonials from Bitcodes users who are happy with the software and the money it has brought them.

Final Verdict

Some users believe that compounding allows them to make ridiculous earnings. Bitcodes is said to have assisted tens of thousands of customers in achieving financial independence. With a deposit of as little as $250, you may try your luck with this method. This is sufficient to provide you with a reasonable daily profit. Leveraged crypto trading carries risk, therefore you should only invest what you can afford to lose.


No! Bitcodes is an automated trading platform that is both transparent and secure. It is built on real-world trading algorithms and works with trusted brokers.

All users have access to Bitcodes for free. You should register right away because the free registration offer may not last long.

Profitability is determined by the amount of money invested, the risk management measures used, and the current market conditions. During periods of extreme market volatility, you could make a lot of money, but you’ll be taking a lot of risks.

An automated trading tool called Bitcodes employs artificial intelligence to forecast market moves, shorten deal length by comprehending order book dynamics, and profit from them. It can arbitrage trade on more than 100 international exchanges without human involvement. For any adjustment in market sentiment that can indicate a change in price movement owing to expected changes in demand, regulatory changes, or news items with a short news cycle, Bitcodes can monitor up to 6,000 sources of information. The Bitcodes live performances have a prediction accuracy rate that is far above 85%.

Even with leverage, Bitcodes offers trades with an average profit success rate of 85%. ETF gains can automatically be leveraged up to 4x if you have capital of at least EUR 250. Leverage increases returns but also increases the danger of losses. Never exchange something you can’t afford.

Yes, there are no license or account setup costs for this Bitcodes.


There isn’t a Bitcodes app at this time. However, anyone with a device that supports a browser may access Bitcodes over the web.

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