Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

To everyone’s surprise, Superman is coming to Fortnite! The very famous superhero of the DC Universe thus creates the craze, but how to unlock the famous skin long-awaited by the players?


As you probably know, Superman is preparing to enter Fortnite. And millions of players are delighted with this announcement!

They were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite superhero. It must be said that many others marched before him. Yet he remains the most famous of all. Everyone knows him! But how to unlock the famous skin? If Epic Games has not yet given the answer, many theories are already circulating on the Web.

According to several data miners, players will have to unlock the “Clark Kent” version before they can put on the cloak. A special emote would then allow them to switch from one outfit to another. We love!

If many initially thought that it was necessary to win Battle Stars to have the honor of playing the man with the wick, this assumption very quickly gave way to others.

In a recent video, videographer fire monkey explains how this isn’t really possible. He then goes on to claim that the various skins will be available by completing epic quests.

Yes, you did hear it. Quite simply! But still expect a higher level of difficulty than normal. To play as Superman in Season 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2, you have to earn it! Besides, it’s not just outfitted to unlock. There are also a ton of accessories!


Released in July 2017, Fortnite then appears as the benchmark of the Battle Royal genre. No other seems to be able to dethrone the hit game! But why is it so popular? Quite simply because its developers are constantly innovating. They never run out of good ideas.

Despite a fairly simple mechanic and a redundant goal in every game – to be the last survivor – players never really have time to be bored.

Each week, Epic Games offers new quests and challenges to complete in order to fuel its Battle Pass. There are a ton of rewards to be won! But that’s not all… Fortnite is also and above all a real crossover machine! The very famous American company likes to confuse the universe of its game with that of other very popular licenses.

The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Avengers, Marvel, Tron, or even the excellent games God of War, Halo, and Borderlands, the list is long, really very long! There is something for every taste. Everyone is benefiting! And now, it is Superman who is about to shake up the famous Battle Royal.

But how are the developers going to surprise players next time? They can’t wait to find out! Case to follow.

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