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Do you have a knack for gaming and technology? Well, it’s time to put your interest to use and start a YouTube gaming channel! After all, gaming has become the number one genre on the leading video streaming platform. 

With the popularity, however, also comes competition. So, what do you do to make gaming YouTube videos that stand out? Well, for starters, you need to use a potent games video editor. The rest you will learn in this article! 

Steps to Creating Awesome Gaming YouTube Videos

Games video editor and screen recording intimidate several people off. Therefore, let us simplify the product for you! We’re sure with an idea of how easy the process can be, you’ll be thriving on YouTube in no time! 

Practice your Gaming 

No matter how good you get at video making, people will only watch your videos if you’re a good gamer. If not a good gamer, someone with as much information regarding gaming as possible. 

Before building a channel for gaming, consider honing your skills and talents first. Then, be ready to delve into the most popular and complicated games and build a community around them. 

Show Off Your Gaming – Screen Record Your Games 

While your gaming skills make a huge difference, there is much more to being a gaming YouTuber! To start making gaming videos, the first thing to do is to screen record your games. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is and isn’t, depending on the device you’re gaming on. 

While using a PC, you’ll find tons of software that will record your games to produce sharp and crisp images. If you use Windows 10, you can use the pre-installed Game Bar with Windows key + G keyboard shortcut. 

While using PS4, a double tap on the sharing button will start the screen recording. Xbox, too, allows easy recording through settings. However, you might have to go to extra lengths with any other console to find a suitable recording medium. 

Quality Doesn’t Stop at the Game – Use Mic and Camera

Gameplay is necessary, but do you know what sells a YouTube gaming video? Commentary!

The most popular YouTubers always use commentary to add some personal effect. Some, such as pewdiepie, like to add their videos while gaming, while others do not. 

Adding commentary and video is totally up to you. However, if you choose to add audio and video, the quality needs to be as high as your gameplay. 

Do not even consider using your computer’s built-in mic and camera. The quality will be mediocre at most. However, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket either. You can buy any decent-quality microphone such as the HyperX SoloCast or the Blue Yeti Nano. Some of the best affordable gaming cameras are the Elgato Facecam and the Razer Kiyo. 


Raw Gameplay, Refined Videos – Use a Games Video Editor 

Yes, your gameplay should not be forced. It should be natural and genuine to your skills and style. If you are not slapping on commentary, you will be tempted to post the screen recording as it is. However, you should never post a gaming video without rendering it through a games video editor.

When generating commentary videos, you need to import everything and lay it over each other. However, besides the audio and video, you should also add effects such as texts and audio in the background. 

You can color correct the video to allow better viewability. Moreover, adding effects such as transition and video shifts is also always a good idea! 

Get Your Video Ready for YouTube – Create a Thumbnail 

The last thing you need to do to be prepared to post is generating a thumbnail. Most new YouTubers are tempted to post a snap from their gameplay as the thumbnail. However, generating a specific, detailed, and catchy thumbnail will attract more viewers to your video! 

Ensure using bright colors and meaningful texts and images on the thumbnail. While your thumbnail should be attractive, make sure that you do not clickbait viewers. That never ends up being profitable. 

Optimize Your Channel 

While marketing your channel is not a part of the video-making process, it is a crucial step. After all, what is the point of making videos if they don’t get enough traffic? 

Some of our top tips to optimizing your channel are:

  • Add a channel picture and banner 
  • Fill in all the information required on the page and lace it with keywords 
  • Post video links on all your social media networks 
  • Add annotations 
  • Build a community in your channel by engaging with your audience 


Tips to Grow on YouTube as a Gamer With Good Videos 

The first two things to get online fame is to post good content with spectacular SEO optimization. However, if you want your channel to blow up, you should check out the following tips: 

  • Post Regularly: Think of Youtube as your job now. You will have to post dedicated time and efforts every day, or you’ll only get so far. YouTuibe’s algorithm loves consistency, and so that is what you need to target. 
  • Create Dedicated Intros: Creating dedicated and memorable intros for your videos is a great way to get viewer loyalty. These 10-20 second intros will brand your video and add a sense of catchiness to your videos. 
  • Bring in Co-Hosts: You should leverage your bonds with other gaming YouTubers to get more traffic. When you collaborate with other YouTubers, you both get to merge your audience and gain higher traction. 
  • Brand Yourself: The biggest reason commentary works is that people watch your videos for you, not the games. Several people make gaming videos, so you want to focus on yourself and not only on the game to stand out. Build your voice and identity to be successful. 

Summing Up 

Building a gaming YouTube channel is wonderful to generate passive income if you love gaming and have time at hand. All you need is a good console or PC that can record crisp videos and a gaming video editor. Add on a few more equipment and skills for commentary, and there will be nothing stopping you! 

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