Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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The purchase of Bungie by Sony was a surprise when it was confirmed this week and of course it was something to talk about becoming official days after Microsoft did the same with Activision-Blizzard. After making the operation public, Sony reported that they had been in talks and negotiations for 6 months, so it is obvious that the company already knows about Bungie's plans and projects and they are interesting enough as a business, however, there are those who think that This operation was paid at a premium.

Michael Pachter thinks buying Bungie makes no sense

It had been a long time since we wrote about the controversial Michael Pachter but as you can expect he had a lot to say about the purchase of Bungie made by Sony and there are details that he did not miss, such as the price that was paid. In that sense, Pachter considered that the $3.6 million that Sony put on the table to acquire Bungie represents a very high price for what the company is capable of generating at this time.


Sony paid $3.6 million for Bungie

According to the Wedbush Securities analyst, an exemplary agreement was the one made between Electronic Arts and Respawn because when it was finalized, EA paid $700 million for the company, the same amount that was generated in just one year after the operation. Instead, Pachter points out that Bungie is currently only capable of generating $200 million a year, which is a far cry from the billions of dollars Sony paid.

In this regard, Pachter stated: "It's not really a deal that makes a lot of sense to me. I think Sony overpaid for Bungie."

Beyond the details of the purchase, Sony has not revealed the plans it has with Bungie, only making public that the company will be part of a games-as-a-service strategy that will seek to develop that area in the PlayStation business between now and 2026.

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