Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

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It was inevitable that Ubisoft's foray into NFTs would be controversial, and for years the French company has experienced some labor scandals and criticism for its business and video game development model. However, something that was requested for the Ubisoft Quartz initiative was that, at the very least, it try to follow pro-environmental rules and at least that was the case for a moment through the operations of its partner Frontier, but now things have changed.

Ubisoft and the NFTs, controversy plus controversy equals disaster

According to a report by Axios , Ubisoft is once again involved in a controversy, this time related to its NFTs because the company in which it invested for this purpose, Frontier, already carries out operations on another platform that is not friendly to the environment. In case you don't know, everything that involves the machinery of NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies generates many tons of CO2 and at this moment debates are being waged on regulation and action in favor of caring for the environment.

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Ubisoft promised not to use Ethereum, but Frontier is acting on their own

Well, in the case of Ubisoft Quartz, Ubisoft and Frontier agreed that the French company's NFTs would move through the Tezos blockchain, considered ideal due to its lower generation of contaminants. However, that only remained with respect to Ubisoft's NFTs, since Frontier now carries out operations with its tokens on platforms such as OpenSea where the controversial Ethereum is traded, a cryptocurrency noted for generating huge amounts of CO2.

Taking into account that Ubisoft invested money in Frontier and Frontier presumes its relationship with the French company, the criticism has not been long in coming, since caring for the environment was a topic that was presumed with great fanfare when presenting Quartz, but that seems to have left in the past.

Around this, a representative of Ubisoft revealed to Axios the following: "part of our role as a key investor is to provide advice and guidance on the most ecological and efficient technological options".

Only that and in the end it remains as a suggestion.

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