Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. Microsoft revealed this Wednesday new computers from the Surface line, a resin mouse made “from 20% recycled plastic from the oceans” and a pack of accessories to help those with mobility or vision problems to use the brand’s laptops. .The big news of the event broadcast online were the new computers of the Surface line, the name given to the main portable computers of the North American technology. In all, four new models were presented: the Surface Go 3, the Surface Laptop Studio, the Surface Pro 8, and the Surface Pro X. Microsoft also presented the Surface Duo 2, the company’s two-screen mobile phone. However, this will not be available in Portugal.

All models in the Surface line, including the Surface Duo 2, which will not be available in Portugal Gold 6500Y. The Surface Laptop Studio is “an evolution of the Surface Book”, the company’s high-end laptop designed for those who want to make the most of the Surface Pen digital pen. There was also a version of one of the most popular models, the Pro, with the Surface Pro 8, the latest version of what was the main model of this product line that now has 11th generation Intel Core processors and a new design). Finally, the company also released the Surface Pro X, “more affordable”, but with fewer features. In addition to computers, the North American technology giant founded by Bill Gates also released the “Ocean Plastic Mouse”. This mouse was made in partnership with Sabic, a company that created “a high-quality resin made from 20% recycled plastic from the oceans, either recovered directly from their waters or collected from their shores,” says Microsoft. The peripheral is “environmentally friendly” and is a symbol of the company’s promise: by 2030 “to be negative in terms of carbon emissions” and “positive in terms of water consumption — replenishing more than it consumes and not generating volume of waste” .

One of the Surface Adaptive Kit PUB accessories • CONTINUE READING NEXT At the same event, Microsoft also released the Surface Adaptive Kit. In practice, this is a set of small accessories — which can be small stickers and plastic appliqués to join a wire (as you can see in the image) — whose purpose is to facilitate the use of computers by those who have “vision and vision problems”. /or mobility”. The advantage of the Surface Adaptive Kit is that it can be used not only with the Surface line — despite having been designed for it — but also with other devices.