Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The actor’s wake takes place on Saturday, from 5:30 pm, at the Church of S. João de Deus, in Lisbon, from where the funeral leaves on Sunday at 4:45 pm to the Alto de S. João Cemetery, Also in Lisbon, where the cremation ceremony is taking place, according to the same source. The actor Orlando Costa, who starred in the television series “Zé Gato” (RTP), in 1979, died today at his home in Lisbon. in 1969 in the comedy “A Straw Hat from Italy”, by Eugéne Labiche, at the Experimental Theater in Cascais, staged by Carlos Avilez. The actor was part of the founding nucleus of Teatro Cornucópia, with Luís Miguel Cintra and Jorge Silva Melo, in 1973 and was also part of the company A Barraca, where he played opposite Maria do Céu Guerra. of Shakespeare, staged by André Gago, with which he made a national tour.Orlando Costa was closely linked to television projects, having participated in series such as “Duarte e Companhia” (RTP) in the 1980s, alongside Rui Mendes , António Assunção, Canto e Castro and Paula Mora, “Zé Gato”, which he starred in, opposite Luís Lello, Canto e Castro, Luís Alberto, among others. His most recent participation was in the telenovela “Amor,Amor” (SIC), alongside Ricardo Pereira, Paulo Rocha and Maria João Bastos. de Cartão” (1988), in which he co-starred with actress Irene Papas, “A Morgadinha dos Canaviais” (1990)), “Disencounters” (1995), “Police” (1996), “Ballet Rose” (12998) “The Passepartout” (199) “Captain Roby” (2000), “Eyes of Water” (2001), “João Semana”, “When the Wolves Howl” (2006) or “Laughing Freaks”. in “A Santa Aliança” (1980), by Eduardo Geada, “Jogo de Mão” (1984), by Monique Rutler, “Amor e Dedinhos de Pé” (1993), by Luís Filipe Rocha, “Três Irmãos” (1994) , by Teresa Villaverde, “Black Shoes” (1998), by João Canijo, “O Anjo da Guarda” (1999), by Margarida Gil, “A Filha” (2003), by Solveig Nordlund, or “Coisa Ruim” (2006) ), by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra, among others. and Júlio Pereira, Fausto and Sérgio Godinho.