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According to a GFI study, vegetable "meat" is approaching price parity with animal meat, experts believe that next year, some of these products made from vegetable proteins such as soybeans or peas, will have the same cost as meat of animal origin.

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The best thing about these mini croissants or donuts with oatmeal and kefir is that, in addition to being delicious, they are healthy. You will also like that it is a recipe that is easy to make and very quick, because the biscuits are made in the microwave in two minutes, the downside is that you have to wait for them to cool before and after giving them the chocolate coating.

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From March 6 to 8, Tapas y Pintxos – Sanlúcar 2022 will be held, the Miniature Gastronomy Congress organized by the Tapa Academy and to be held in Sanlúcar de Barrameda on the occasion of its gastronomic capital status. Here you have all the information about the development of this congress with limited places, which will feature some of the best chefs in Spain, specialized in miniature cuisine.

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Great news for lovers of gastronomy is that Andoni Luis Aduriz will open a new restaurant in the Kursaal Conference Center, although it will rather be a transformation of the Ni Neu restaurant, which after twelve years satisfying palates, closes its doors to make way for a new establishment in which, according to advance, the fire will be the protagonist.

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This is your new recipe to make a delicious snack or dessert, they are pancakes with pears and tangerine juice, which when reduced is like a sweet caramel with a citrus touch, and there is no lack of crunch in each bite with toasted hazelnuts. . Surprise your loved ones with these homemade crepes, they won't want others.

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If you want to prepare a comforting and delicious dish, take note of this proposal that reconciles anyone with the kitchen and with good food, they are rich artichokes with chickpeas and smoked cecina that are made easily and quickly, and it is the ideal recipe to enjoy of a very tasty seasonal product.

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