Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Aron Piper’s sexuality has been questioned because of the hot scenes that he starred in the Elite series alongside Omar Ayuso and Manu Rios.

The arrival of the Elite Series on the Netflix platform allowed new actors to make themselves known internationally, while it helped others to consolidate their artistic careers. One of them is Aron Piper, who because of his character in this Spanish production has been questioned about his sexuality on more than one occasion.

Is Aron Piper gay?

Although very little is known about ArĂ³n private’s life, you should know that the Spanish actor is heterosexual in the real life. However, playing a homosexual person within the Elite aroused some rumors that questioned his taste for women, especially because of the incredible performance he performed alongside Omar Ayuso.

On the other hand, much has been said about his current sentimental status, because despite the fact that everything seems to indicate that he is single, some Spanish media have linked him to the influencer Jessica Goicoechea, although this romance has never been confirmed by any of both of us.

Aron Piper and his time in Elite.

In Elite, a series that recently just premiered its fourth season on Netflix, the actor plays Ander Munoz, a young man from a wealthy family who studies at Las Encinas, one of the most exclusive schools in Spain. Another detail of his character is that he hides his homosexuality for fear of what they will say about his family and friends.

As the plot progresses, she meets Omar Shanaa, a drug dealer with whom she ends up falling in love. The romance between the two characters allowed the actors to become a favorite couple of fans of this popular Netflix series.

What has Aron Piper done?

According to information that circulates on the Internet, the same that brings to you, Aron Piper already had a small career in European cinema and television. She gained international fame thanks to Elite, which allows her to enter the world of modeling representing the Lacoste brand.

In 2020 he decided to venture into the world of music by releasing the song ‘Sigo’ in collaboration with rapper Monkey. Months later he released his first EP entitled ‘Snow’, which has been well-received by his fans, who do not hesitate to support him in all his projects.

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