Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Harry Potter is one of the most successful film sagas in history and that is why its protagonists became celebrities who left their days of privacy behind. In the world of series, something similar is happening with Outlander, the shipment that is seen by Netflix, since with five seasons and a sixth on the way it has become a worldwide success. Now, the two worlds were intertwined by the mysterious encounter of two figures.

As the Harry Potter saga came to an end a few years ago, all its actors and actresses have been leading their careers in new ways for quite some time. On the Outlander side, the interpreters are on vacation since the series will not renew chapters until next year. In this way, the figures of both productions were able to meet and one of them shared the moment in their networks and aroused suspicions.

The Outlander star who uploaded the photo alongside a Harry Potter figure is Sophie Skelton, the performer of Brianna Fraser. The actress is enjoying a break and from time to time she publishes images on her Instagram account. Like Sam Heughan, the protagonist of the series, the young interpreter is relaxing in the summer of the northern hemisphere. What caught the attention of many was one of his photos, as he appears with the actor in question and a well-known film director.

The artist who comes out with her and was part of Harry Potter is Oliver Phelps, who gave life to George Weasley in the saga written by JK Rowling. The actor and Sophie Skelton appear with film director Martin Blencowe enjoying dinner. The published photo led fans of both to speculate that they could be preparing a new project together, but the truth is that nothing is confirmed.

Those who analyzed the meeting between the star of Outlander and that of Harry Potter also pointed out that both already knew each other previously, since the actress played Lily Evans, the mother of the famous wizard, and from there they would maintain a friendship relationship. What did disturb the fans was the presence of Blencowe, which also triggered the theory that the three of them could be preparing a project together.

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