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As the launch date draws closer, new information about the Galaxy S22 series appears.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the new top model and, according to rumors, it will have an integrated compartment for the S Pen for the first time in the Galaxy S series. The phone will also be equipped with an upgraded 108MP quad camera.

Now leaker Dohyun Kim has shared a black and white photo of the Galaxy S22 Ultra retail box via Twitter. It is not clear what the origin of said image is, although it appears to be an Instagram post in Spanish.

The photo doesn't look too good, but Technizo Concept has created a few renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra box from that image.

The box looks very similar to that of the Galaxy S21, which is not a big surprise since there are no big differences in the design of the new series compared to its predecessor.

With this leak, we have already lost count of the amount of data that has been leaked about the Galaxy S22 family in recent days.

The Galaxy Unpacked launch event will take place on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, so we will clear all doubts… if there are any.

One of the most hyped features of the latest iPhones is MagSafe, which allows you to magnetically attach accessories and wireless chargers.

Although rumors suggest that it could come to more Apple devices like the iPad Pro this year, it seems that the iPhone SE 3 might not bring this feature.

This information comes from the Japanese publication Macotakara, which has provided accurate information on future Apple products in the past.

Apparently, the new mid-range iPhone is going to have the same design as the iPhone SE (2020), and it will have wireless charging but no MagSafe.

What the next model will bring with respect to the 2020 model is 5G connectivity, which is an improvement over the previous model.

Rumors point to the iPhone SE 3 coming out sometime in 2022, two years after the last model.

Perhaps in the future, when our electronic devices carry almost inexhaustible batteries made of "graphene" or some other unexplored material, we will fondly remember the days when we carried portable batteries.

Until that happens, however, Handy Geng has chosen to create the ultimate power bank, a 27,000,000 mAh monster that uses an electric car battery to store and deliver electrical power through various plugs on its end.

To give you an idea, this capacity is enough to fully charge an iPhone 13 daily for more than 15 years.

The vehicle's battery is mounted on a wheeled cart along with what appears to be the car's charging unit or a grid inverter.

The set looks like a giant version of an external battery, with a curved sheet metal casing and white hard cardboard panels.

In the video we can see that, after charging a huge number of phones, he recharges an electric scooter, just before settling down by a river to fish, next to his washing machine, his television and his electric pot for cooking.