Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Amazon could announce the purchase of Electronic Arts (EA) today, the FIFA editor, Apex Legends, Madden and more. For The Win notes that “rumors have been circulating online for a few weeks about a possible purchase of EA, with Apple, Disney and Amazon as possible buyers. According to our sources, Amazon has finally made an offer.” The purchase by Amazon would not only have interest in producing video games under its brandbecause also would use its franchises for series and movies on Prime Video (such as Mass Effect, Dead Space or Dragon Space for the purpose of generating content).The announcement of the purchase of Electronic Arts could arrive today, although at the moment, details of the operation have not been disclosed. On the other hand, EA’s stock price soared 18.20% before Wall Street trading began.*From 20Bits, we will continue to update with more information*.Sign up for our newsletter and receive the latest updates in your email technology news.