Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Almost 4 years after discovering Good Night, I Love You…, the author John Tarachine returns to France with La Sorcière du château au thistles. “This time, the mangaka immerses us in Gaelic folklore, through the meeting of two social outcasts” warns the publisher.

Baptized Azami no Shiro no Majo in vo, this series was launched in 2019 in the Comic Tatan of Coamix and has 4 volumes in all. Here are some boards of this nice project that takes place in Scotland. It is a pleasure to find the refined line of the author. The translation is provided by Olivier Malosse.

Summary :
Marie Blackwood, nicknamed “the black witch of Albion“, lives in Edinburgh where she runs a small magic shop. Heir to a powerful Orthodox family, she is also and above all a solitary woman. But when the church imposes on her to become the guardian of the “blood of righteous indignation”, a teenager with obscure origins, a new daily life opens up to her… Will she be able to teach him magic, and above all, to contain all its power? Source : Akata