Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Incredible: a collector’s edition for a shoujo! Yes ! And it’s Akata which pleases the readers of By your side with a 10th special volume to be found on October 13th. And the content is just superb with a real artistic contribution and not simple goodies since a 32-page fanbook will be offered!

Everything will be sold for 8.99 euros. Here is the content: Character sheets, which present, among other things, sketches of preparatory research for their conception Questions/answers between Japanese readers and the author A sketched storyboard of the first version of chapter 1 of the manga (very different from the final version, and which makes it possible to realize the extent of the work carried out) A mini-manga bonus The title of Megumi Morino (see his Twitter account) arrived in 2017 at Kodansha and has 11 volumes. The series is still ongoing.
Summary :
“When one snowy winter afternoon, Hotaru hands her umbrella to Hanoi, one of her high school classmates who has just been dumped, she had not yet imagined that it was the beginning of a new story. Indeed, this boy from the class next door arrives the next day, to make a declaration of love to her… even though he doesn’t really know her. Destabilized, she nevertheless ends up agreeing to try to go out with him until Christmas. And if behind deceptive appearances, the meeting of these two was in reality the fruit of destiny? Source : Akata