Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Of Nicolas Winding Refn Many things can be said, but no one will ever say that they are willing to give up their style for a pot of lentils. To prove it, just take a look at the trailer for Copenhagen Cowboy, his series for Netflix. Unlike Too Old To Die Young, the director’s previous marathon project for Amazon Prime, This new series will have an adjusted duration of six chapters. Described as a “poetic neo-noir”, the show marks Winding Refn’s return to the criminal underworld of her native Denmark, stemming in part from travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The trailer itself is an amalgamation of traits we’ve come to identify with its author: neon colors, thunderous synths in the OST courtesy of Cliff Martinez, very stylish wardrobe and the feeling that nobody understands what the hell is going on. The synopsis deepens this confusion by telling us about a “young and enigmatic heroine” named Miu (Angela Bundalović) who seeks revenge “after a life of servitude” in the criminal underworld of Copenhagen throughout “an odyssey between the natural and the supernatural” alongside a “nemesis” named Rachel. Let us point out that the director’s daughter, Lola Winding Refn, is part of the cast. Copenhagen Cowboy will premiere at the Venice Festival 2022. The series will premiere on Netflix later this year. Do you want to be up to date with all the latest movies and series? Sign up to our newsletter. According to the criteria of