Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Our wardrobe is already beginning to show signs that summer is over and autumn is about to enter our lives. Thus, we begin to store the freshest garments until next year and jackets and sweatshirts begin to demand their prominence in the dressing room. This means that, in addition to having all the articles that will help us to have a wardrobe in order, we must renew some garments that, either have outgrown us from one season to another, or already have many years and are crying out for renewal. This moment is also a good opportunity to see if we have the appropriate space to treat ourselves to a new textile whim or, on the contrary, if we will follow the rule that if a new garment comes in, an old one comes out of the closet.

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One of the proposals that we cannot miss is a polo shirt, one of the star men’s garments of this season. They are elegant as well as comfortable, so their use on a day-to-day basis is widespread. Furthermore, we can find a wide range of colours, shapes and designs, as well as brands, since the vast majority always include some new proposal in their collections. At El Corte Inglés they want to help us renew our wardrobe and, for this reason, they have reduced the polo shirt catalog by up to 50%.Lacoste, Scotta 1985 or Harmont&Blaine These are some of the brands that we can find discounted up to 50% among the offers that El Corte Inglés tempts us with. A good opportunity to renew the wardrobe for the Back to School with as many proposals as tastes. For this reason, at 20deCompras we want to help you by selecting our favourites: do you take a look at them?Harmont&Blaine. With a 40% discount, before it cost 123 euros

Men's cotton polo shirt in navy blue.

Men’s navy blue cotton polo shirt.El Corte Inglés
Hackett. With a 50% discount, before it cost 160 euros.

Men's long-sleeved green striped polo shirt.

Men’s long-sleeved green striped polo shirt.El Corte Inglés
Lacoste. With a 50% discount, before it cost 150 euros.

Short-sleeved 'sport' polo shirt.

Short-sleeved ‘sport’ polo shirt.El Corte Inglés
Adolf Dominguez. With a 50% discount, before it cost 59 euros.

Men's brown short-sleeved polo shirt.

Men’s brown short-sleeved polo shirt.El Corte Inglés
Paul & Shark. With a 50% discount, it previously cost 179 euros.

Striped 'sport' style polo shirt.

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