Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Whether we prefer a final effect washed face or a result worthy of the red carpet, what is clear is that we all find makeup a great ally for our day to day. Although, finally, we have understood that pimples, blackheads and imperfections are the most natural and as such you have to show them off, there are times when we want them to go unnoticed. And, despite the fact that prevention with daily facial cleansing routines and appropriate treatments is the best solution, makeup will always offer us the coverage we need.

A color for each skin type.

But, what are our favorite cosmetics in the field of make up? Those versatile ones, which offer us a double solution (such as the BBCream that give color while moisturizing). Also we prefer those that offer lasting results, those that avoid having to touch up throughout the day. And if there is a proposal that meets this last requirement, this is the Infaillible compact powder makeup base, from L’Oreal Paris, a cosmetic that has triumphed on social networks… and also on Amazon! And it is that this product has the best-selling label in the marketplace. There, you can find it in various shades, although, if you bet on 140, you can take it for less than 10 euros thanks to the discount to which it is subject.

Infaillible compact powder foundation by L'Oreal Paris.

The Infaillible compact powder foundation, by L’Oreal Paris.Amazon Available in eight shades so that we can all find the one that best blends with our skin, this compact powder foundation has become one of the most famous on the market thanks to the many social media influencers (especially Tik Tok!) who have wanted to demonstrate that its main virtue, full coverage, is exactly as the brand promises. And boy is it! Although, other interesting features should also be highlighted, such as its matte finish or the fresh effect it leaves on the skin to prevent the oxidation of makeup (and the stiff effect!). Do you want to discover the best deals? Sign up for our Newsletter.All products and services have been chosen independently by our journalists, based on their benefits and/or discounts. Every time you decide to buy through the articles of 20deCompras, receives a commission.In 20Minutes we look for the best offers from Amazon and other stores. Prices and availability may change after publication.